Custom Concession Stand Windows and Awnings with 1 Horizontal Slide Window

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The concession world is tough and you need every advantage you can get. Whether it's fairs, festivals, or streets, it's important to be prepared for your customers and your competition. The first impressions are specifically important, which is why you want to make the first time you see your customers as positive as possible.

And where else does that first impression take place, but at the window? In order for you to reach success in the food truck business, you need to have a good quality and attractive window. When you're looking for that perfect window, look no further than here at

Simple and effective, this two-panel Custom Concession Stand Window and Awning gets you open for business quickly. With the awning and classic horizontal sliding window, simply raise the awning, slide the window open, and let the order-taking begin.

If you're worried about the awning falling down, don't worry. Struts on both sides of the window keep the awning up and out of the way when business is open. But even past that, the awning has two very important functions. First, it helps get you and your customers out of the rain and sun.

On a hot day or when it's raining, no one wants to be without cover and when someone is waiting, this is even more so. By providing your customers with this cover, you're inviting them to stay out of the elements while they wait for their food, providing them comfort as well as lunch.

Second, when you're done for the day, the closed awning has two thumb locks that help you keep your food truck secure, keeping out any unwelcome guests.

The two tempered glass panels are framed with an all-aluminum frame, available in nine color options (Crystal White, Matte Black, Brandywine, Orange, Yellow, Victory Red, Indigo Blue, Cargo Green, and Pearl Cat Green). The aluminum frame is rust-resistant and with color choices like these, you can be sure to have just the right color to add to your concession truck.

As this is a custom order, shipping usually takes 4 weeks and custom order items are non-refundable. Measure carefully and choose the dimensions you need, as small as 24" wide by 18" high to as large as 72" wide by 54" high. With an easy-to-install exterior mount, the windows and the awning will be ready to hit the festival roads.

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When it comes to the safety of your customers, you can't be too careful. With the optional concession support bar, you can increase this safety, adding stability to the awning.

With weather and life, the gas struts begin to weaken, as do any kind of gas strut. To prevent this from causing problems, the stainless steel support bar bears the weight of the awning, lessening the stress on the gas struts, extending the life of the awning, and improving safety, all in one go.



  • Dimensions: Width 28-53"
  • Dimensions: Height 24-36"
  • Horizontal sliding window
  • Struts with awning
  • Thumb latches
  • Color: Crystal White, Matte Black, Brandywine, Orange, Yellow, Victory Red, Indigo Blue, Cargo Green, and Pearl Cat Green
  • Serving window with awning cover
  • Made in America

*If adding this combination window to a food truck or concession trailer make sure and check with local and state regulations governing the size and types of windows you can use

Concession Support Bar Stainless Steel 24" - Pair


  • Bar width: 7/8"
  • Bar length: 22
  • Full length: 28"
  • Material: 316 stainless steel
  • Unpainted finish
  • Easy-pull pin
  • Can mount to concession window or to trailer wall
  • Includes bar and mounting brackets
  • Durable
  • Rust-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to use and install