14/2 Brake Trailer Wire

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Brakes are important. If you’re anything like me, you get freaked out when driving down a really steep hill because...what if they stop working? Bad breaks pose a safety risk and that's a situation no one wants to be in.

But remember, the health of your brakes isn’t just in the tires. If you want the brakes in your RV to work as they should, then the brake system’s electrical component needs a little attention too. With the brake trailer wire by RecPro, you can do just that and help you avoid any brake misadventures.

Sold in 1-foot increments, this brake wire consists of two 14 gauge wires. Each single conductor wire is insulated separately and both wires are also insulated together with a heavy-duty black vinyl outer jacket.

With the thick vinyl casing, you can be sure that this wire is durable, able to stand up to the bumps and scrapes of the road.


  • Heavy-duty vinyl outer jacket
  • Consists of two (2) 14 gauge wires
  • 2 brake wires are each insulated
  • Wires are single conductors: stranded copper