15 Lumen 316SS Surface Mount

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Ready to provide you with guidance in the dark, this LED light is bright, consistent, and cost-efficient. Able to stay going strong much longer than conventional lights, this surface mounted LED light has all the benefits of LED, including a brighter light, a more durable bulb, a longer life expectancy, and higher cost-efficiency.


With the water-resistant casing, you can rest assured knowing your light will last through many adventures. Neutral and simple, this light fits into most pre-existing RV designs. If you were looking for a great quality surface mounting light, you’ve come to the right place. At RecPro, we want to give you high-quality, low-cost solutions to your RV problems.


A compact and practical light for adding safety or landscape lighting is an important component for any recreational vehicle and you can count on the outstanding performance you'll receive with the RecPro 15 Lumens Surface Mount Light.

At the time of ordering, you can pick between a vertical or horizontal orientation and you can choose a white or blue LED lighting color.


These colors deliver a neutral type of lighting so they fit in well for multiple use cases. It has a compact and simple design that's perfect for RVs, boats, stair steps, and exterior patio areas. LEDs are ideal for this style of lighting, as they do not use much electrical power and they have a long lasting design.


The durability of LEDs fits nicely as an external lighting component, as it will stand up to all kinds of weather and temperature conditions. The casing for the lighting is waterproof, enhancing its usability in any location.

Installation is extremely easy, as you can just connect the 12-volt wiring attached to the back of the light and use the two mounting screw holes in the hardware.


  • Color: Silver
  • LED Color: White or blue
  • Alignment: Horizontal or vertical
  • Brightness: 15 lumens

Technical Data:

  • 12V wiring