2" Amber/Amber Round Light Kit

SKU: ELK-102003A2
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Is it time to replace or upgrade the marker clearance lights on your RV truck or trailer? The 2” Amber/Amber Round Light Kit from RecPro has multi functions to be used as a clearance light, side marker, or identification light to get your rig traffic safety law compliant. This light kit, rated for 12 volts and tested to 13.8 volts, features three P4 superflux LEDs to provide super bright illumination.

The Polycarbonate (PC) lens diffuses the light, reducing glare and its housing provides a permanent and waterproof seal. The LED circuit board is protected from the elements, coated with a conformable material to protect against water and environmental damages. Assembly is via a right angle 2-pin plug, with PVC grommet mounting.

The estimated lifespan for this LED light is 100,000 hours and RecPro’s 2” Amber/Amber Round Light Kit meets DTO FMVSS 108/SAE requirements. This Amber/Amber light kit is available as a 2-pack, 4-pack or 6-pack.


  • 3 LEDs of super flux (P4) type
  • Features engineered lens optics, functions as clearance light, side marker or identification light
  • PC lens and housing ultrasonically welded together to ensure a permanent and waterproof seal.
  • Right angle 2-pin plug assembly, PVC grommet mounting
  • LED circuit board coated with conformable coating for excellent moisture and environmental protection
  • Super long lifespan up to 100,000 hours
  • Meets DOT FMVSS 108/SAE requirements
  • Rated for 12V, tested to 13.8V