4" x 1" Rectangle RV LED Marker Light Clear/Amber

SKU: EL-114012CA
Mounting Bracket
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You got to have them; they are required by law and they help others see your vehicle. We are talking about marker lights on your truck or trailer. When it comes time to replace these necessary side lights, RecPro offers this 12-diode 4” x 1” Rectangle RV LED Marker Light in Clear/Amber. This rectangular light and mounting base are engineered to operate efficiently and productively, maximizing visibility so others can spot your rig on the road.

Energy efficient and offering a watertight seal, your marker lights will be protected from weather and we know that water and electricity don’t mix. An easy replacement that ensures the safety of your truck, trailer or RV, RecPro’s 4” x 1” Rectangle RV LED Marker Lights Clear/Amber meets DOT FMVSS 108/SAE requirements. Choose from two colors of mounting block – black or chrome – and order a 2-pack or 4-pack.

*Options include: Black Mounting Base or Chrome Mounting Base*