Boat Trailer Tail Lights Submersible LEDs

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If you have a trailer, you likely already know how important it is to have functioning tail lights. Not only is it illegal to drive a trailer without tail lights, but it is also hazardous to yourself and other drivers.

Those hauling a boat on a trailer must be especially careful that their trailer has proper submersible tail lights. If your trailer's tail lights have become damaged or no longer seem to be working, has the solution you need.

This submersible LED trailer light kit has everything you need to safely get you and your trailer back on the road. This kit even includes easy-to-understand instructions that make it easy to quickly install these vital parts, as well as a handy diagram.

Inside you will discover two submersible square LED tail lights. A hard black plastic housing safely protects the electrical components. On the back of this housing are two threaded posts with included nuts for quick and easy attachment.

These posts are surrounded by a soft foam pad, preventing any marring to the paint on your trailer. You will see three color-coded 0.5mm 300/500v wires on the back of each light, which supply your lights with power when wired correctly.

             rp-2179-installed.jpg                                                         rp-2179-side.jpg

On the side of each submersible LED light is a secondary light, which lights up in tandem with your turn signal, letting other drivers know when you intend to turn. The primary front side of these lights consists of 12 super bright LED lights.

These LED lights are very powerful and light up brilliantly when you hit the brakes. Both the side and front lights are covered by a reflective red covering, further amplifying the light of the LED lights. These red coverings are tightly sealed around the internal lights, ensuring that no water gets in when you back your boat and trailer into the water.

These reflective red coverings are also very hard and can take a lot of abuse. They do not break easily, so you will not need to worry about constantly replacing them.

Make sure your trailer is safe on the road with a pair of these submersible square trailer lights today. You can easily get a pair for yourself via our website or by contacting our friendly customer care team. If you have any questions or concerns, you can give us a call or contact us online.



  • Dimensions: 5" W x 4 3/4" H x 2 3/4" D
  • 2 12v LED Tail Lights
  • Solid Waterproof Construction
  • LED Lights Shine Brightly For Improved Visibility
  • Easy To Follow Instructions For Installation
  • 0.5mm 300/500v Wiring
  • Soft Foam Padding On Back Protects Your Trailer Paint
  • Reflective Red Casing Amplifies Light And Visibility
  • Tail Lights Only