Replacement Bulb for RV Range Hood

SKU: RP-12V18W-1
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Sometimes engineers design their products so that replacement parts are proprietary to their models. As a consumer, this makes it difficult to find these specific replacement parts. Luckily, at RecPro, we know how tough it can be to procure these appliance consumables. That’s why we stock a wide range of lighting, and replacement lighting, for your RVs kitchen, bath, and living area fixtures.

Our range hood bulb is an insert replacement bulb. This is not a bulb with a twist mount or cylinder bracket. You may order these bulbs as a single unit, or in batches, depending on your needs. If you were worried you wouldn’t find this specific bulb anywhere, don’t worry. RecPro has your illumination needs covered.

*Standard 110/115/220 voltage will damage bulb.  Do not attach base unit directly to household or RV circuits.  Do not run base unit with a generator*

**Fragile part. Handle with care**

***Do not try off-brand replacement bulbs for the outlet. Mismatched bulbs, or inferior wiring, can lead to possible short-circuiting or fire***


  • 12V
  • 18W
  • Insertion bulb, not twist