RV 6" Slim Line LED Utility Strip Light Clear Lens - Blue

SKU: EL-10871
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Looking for a versatile, adaptable and submersible strip light? Look no farther than RecPro’s RV 6” Slim Line Led Utility Strip Light with a Clear Lens and Blue Illumination. This strip light can be used for emergency, standard or ambient lighting uses. It works well on an RV, a boat, on the exterior or interior of an RV or any place where decorative lighting is needed. The RV 6” Slim Line LED Utility Strip Light contains P4 type LEDs providing super bright, energy efficient lighting. The circuitry and lights is epoxy sealed watertight to protect the lights and circuitry from the elements and allows this light unit to be submersible. Attach the light via two bare end wires of 6 (15mm) length, with a separate lead wire and ground wire. Mounting hardware and the black rubber gasket are included. The gasket allows the light panel to be mounted to any surface. May be ordered in one, two or four pack quantities.