Replacement Motor for Irvine RV Electric Roller Shades

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Are you driving and the sun's in your eyes? Or are you trying to take nap but want the privacy of a window-less room? Or maybe you just don't want your neighbors to see that you're home yet, not helping them set up for their campground-wide BBQ? Whichever camp you're in, you can agree that shades make life just a little bit easier.


With the ability to block out the sun or prying eyes comes the capability to sleep longer and easier, to set the lighting level in your RV to the amount that feels comfortable for you, and to carry out your daily life without letting the outside world see you. With the Irvine RV shades from RecPro, you can have the privacy, darkness, or peace that you want. But what if they stop working?


chrome_BGw4r4NFyO.pngIf you love the convenience of the Irvine RV Electric Roller Shades, you don't want them to suddenly stop working. I mean, not having control over your blinds could mean having to deal with the sun or prying eyes and nobody wants that. If this does happen, though, we have just the part you need: the replacement motor.


Tiny but powerful, this little motor keeps that electric shade rolling so that you can have your shaded room or beautiful view at your convenience. With the easy installation, you can get back to enjoying your electric shades as soon as possible, driving with ease, taking a nap, or avoiding your neighbors for as long as you need.


Part of enjoying your RV is taking life how you want it. Whether this means parking in the middle of a desert and watching the sun rise over the sand or parking it in an RV campground and cooking hotdogs over a campfire, having the ability to adjust the light inside of your RV is important to making your experience enjoyable.


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  • Fits in an Irvine roller shade casing
  • Made specifically for Irvine roller blinds
  • Dimensions: 11 1/4" Long x 1 1/4" Diameter

Technical Data:

  • 12V
  • .8 Amps
  • 34 rpm