RV 120V to 12V Converter 100W | Supports Two 12V Outputs

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If you have an appliances or light strip that needs 12V power but your rig only has 120V power, then you'll be needing a converter. Specifically, you'll need a 120V to 12V power converter, such as this model. This unit is UL listed. It is a bolt-on installation and has a silver finish. It includes a standard 120V plug with two 12V DC outputs. This unit is suitable for wet locations, with the specifications listed below.



  • 120V to 12V Converter
  • UL Listed
  • Bolt-on installation
  • Silver finish
  • Aluminum casing
  • Corrosion resistant
  • High heat resistant
  • Protection against short circuits, overloads, over-temperature, over-voltage
  • Includes a 120V standard plug
  • AC input: 120V AC, ~ 50/60Hz, 5.7Amp
  • DC Output: 12V DC, 8.35Amp, 100W
  • Two DC outputs
  • Suitable for dry, damp, and wet locations
  • Thin and durable
  • Casing allows for easy heat dissipation, ensuring long life and stability
  • Outdoor products can be used in: -13°F to 235°F; relative humidity of 100%
  • Indoor products can be used in: -14°F to 113°F; relative humidity of not more than 90%
  • Products can be stored in: -14°F to 140°F; relative humidity less than 85%
  • Works for LED light strips, appliances, power accessories, CCTV and surveillance cameras, computer projects, and more