RV 12V Power Port Socket for Bunk Bed Fan with LED Lamp

SKU: RP-1476
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frontUsing a portable bunk light and fan is a great way to illuminate your bed without shining a light on the rest of your cabin. To power it, you can use a porta-lamp outlet. Because of the style of the bunk fan and light, it doesn't just plug into a normal outlet. With this outlet, though, you can power your light to read before bed.



featuresThis model measures 2 1/2" in diameter and 1 1/2" deep, with the mounting holes 2" apart.


It is intended for mounting on the surface of an area, with the wires routing behind the mounting surface and into the electrical system.



It's a good idea to mount these next to ceiling lights and other pre-existing light fixtures so that it is easier to find and identify the wires.


Made in America, this model is high-quality and works well to power your late-night reading habits.

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  • Used with our bunk lights or other 1/4" stereo jacks for more options on where to mount the light/fan and accessories
  • Dimensions: 2 1/2" diameter x 1 1/2" D
  • Mounting holes are 2" apart
  • It is intended for surface mounting where wires will be routed behind the mounting surface
  • It has a small notch that facilitates running wires on top of the mounting surface (typically used to mount a porta-lamp outlet next to an interior light)
  • Made in America