RV Extension Cord Holder Organizer

SKU: RP-4043
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RP-4043-Cord-Organizer-Measurements__47184.jpgIf you’ve ever pulled out your extension cord from storage only to find a tangled mess, you know how much an organizer can help.


With an organizer, you keep everything in its place, allowing you to use it easier and faster. For electrical cords, hoses, ropes, and more, this organizer is the way to go.


Measuring 18 1/4" long, it is easy to use and keeps everything organized so that you can use it without having to untangle it first.


Try using it with one of our high-quality extension cords!





  • Extension cord organizer
  • Also work for hoses, ropes, and other lengths of materials
  • Dimensions: 4 1/8" W x 18 1/4" H