Long RV Gutter Spouts

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Camping out in your RV, you can experience a lot of different types of weather. When it rains and you don’t have gutters, the rain slides down the sides of your RV, taking dirt and debris from your roof with it, creating black streaks on the side of your RV. To prevent this from happening, gutters capture and divert that water, using the gutter spouts to dump the water away and to the side. These spouts, sold in 2 packs and 4 packs are 3 ½” long. Easy to install and available in white, tan, or black, these RV gutter spouts will help to keep your RV streak-free and clean no matter the rain.


  • 2 pack: Includes (1) left & (1) right Gutter Spout
  • 4 pack: Includes (2) left & (2) right Gutter Spout
  • Long Version 3 1/2" Long
  • Easy to install
  • Color options: White, Tan or Black