RV Baggage Door Catch Rounded White

SKU: DH-110
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These clips hold open your RV baggage doors and allow you to easily unload or load items into your RV. The baggage door catches are made of a strong plastic material that has a durable loaded spring attached for strong clamping and to insure that the clip will stay shut while not in use.

You should replace your baggage door clip if the colors changed from the sun, the spring isn't strong anymore or if it's simply not working right anymore. It's important that your baggage door catch is strong especially depending on the size of the baggage door it's holding up, you could risk your safety or someone else's. Installation is quick and easy. Can be mounted with screws or double sided tape (depending on size of door).


  • Color: White
  • Material: Plastic
  • Spring loaded hinge for strong clamp
  • Screws do not come included
  • Used to hold open your RV Baggage doors