RV AC Vent Filter for 5" AC Vent

SKU: RP-1113
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In pretty much anything that circulates air, you'll likely find a filter of some sort. No one wants bugs, dirt, or other things to make their way into the RV through the vents. That would make your stay less comfortable than it should be. With a filter, you can keep your air clean and fresh so that you can enjoy every moment you spend inside of your home on wheels.


With a diameter of 5 1/4", an internal diameter of 1/2", and a thickness of 1/4", this filter fits in our RV AC vent perfectly, providing you with the clean air you need. Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today! Charcoal Vent Filter Dimensional Drawing Details: Diameter: 5 1/4" Thickness: 1/4" Internal diameter: 1/2" Color: black