RecPro Golf Cart Universal Retractable Seat Belt (4 person kit) w/out Bracket

SKU: SeatBelt-Retrac-4
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Keeps you securely strapped in. Great for lifted or street legal carts where seat belts are a MUST. Peace of mind by having small children safely buckled in.

This kit comes with four seat belts (enough for four people) for front and rear seat use. The belts are the same as those included in our seat belt kit and can be fastened to an existing mounting location to add or replace seat belts. We also offer a full kit that includes seat belts and the mounting bracket.
Kit Comes With:
  • (4) Retractable seat belts (Enough for 4 people)
  • Belts Extend 42" 
This kit is intended to be installed to a golf cart with a seat belt mounting bracket already installed.
If you do not have a mounting bracket the seat belts might not be secured correctly.