RecPro Charles Gaming Chair Ottoman w/ Storage RV Furniture

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*Please take note of the dimensions for this chair*

RecPro Charles Gaming Chair Ottoman w/ Storage RV Furniture

The Gaming Chair Ottoman from RecPro is the ultimate example of comfort and practicality in the world of RV living. The best products for RVs and trailers blend the best of both worlds. But, having a compact and comfortable chair wasn’t enough for the design team here at RecPro.

We knew that we had to push the limit of engineering to make the ultimate compact piece that had form and functionality something more. We knew our customers needed design with depth. So, we made this tiny Titan not only a transforming piece of furniture, but we added space for storage as well.

The RecPro Charles Gaming Chair maintains exceptional quality standards and features the most up-to-date modifications in the industry, all while providing lasting comfort and being user friendly. This model is called a “gaming chair” because it is perfect seating for young adults to adults who want to remain comfortable while sitting in a chair for long stretches of time.

Plenty of relaxing is had while playing video games and watching TV in this chair. Don’t pigeon hole this chair; it has many other applications. Ideal for smaller living spaces, even by RV standards, this chair is also great for apartments, trailers, and smaller homes where you would like to add more seating in spaces where most furniture won’t fit.

The Gaming Chair and Ottoman combination is designed to be a low-profile and compact piece. It’s big enough to seat an adult, but it’s close to the ground so that it saves space and will be just the right height when it’s transformed into its ottoman form.

Features of the RecPro Charles Gaming Chair:

  • Compact design. Space is very important, so this chair is perfect for small spaces, smaller homes, trailers, and recreational vehicles
  • Ottoman transformation. This functional chair can easily transform into an ottoman, perfect to use as a coffee table, foot rest, or additional room seating
  • Extra storage. In addition to being a 2-in-1 piece of furniture, your gaming chair also provides extra storage located under the seat
  • Attractive colors to choose from. With its sleek design and comfortable material, the Recpro Gaming Chair also comes in different color options. Choose from Chestnut, putty, toffee, and mahogany to get a chair that best fits your design scheme

*Actual Size of chair




  • Style: Charles Contemporary
  • Easy to clean Suprima Leather
  • Colors available: Toffee, Putty, Chestnut, Mahogany
  • Transforms from ottoman to chair in seconds
  • Storage underneath seat
  • Ships in 1 box, assembled
  • Dimensions: 25"W x 17"H x 20 1/4"D (ottoman)
  • Dimensions: 25"W x 28"H x 20 1/4"D (gaming chair)
  • Seat width: 18 1/2"
  • Seat cushion height from ground: 12"
  • Weight: 44 lbs







*Any modification outside of manufacturer’s suggested use (including, but not limited to, adding or removing mounting hardware, seat belts, brackets, clamps, etc.) immediately voids all warranties and waives liability from the manufacturer and all their subsidiaries*

*Please note:  lighting, decor, and interior design may slightly alter color appearance of chair*