ADL-A4W Four Step Aluminum Marine-Grade Dock Ladder

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It’s time to hit the water!  Summer’s here and the open waves are calling your name.  You grab up your gear, throw some life vests on the family, and run out to the dock.  You see your boat bobbing on top of the choppy waves.  You get ready to board and…uh oh, no dock ladder.  You had all Winter to purchase a ladder but neglected to get this simple, yet crucial, addition to your boating collection.  You could jump down into your boat from the dock, but what kind of safety example would you be setting for your family?  It’s time to shop and find a ladder to fit your needs.  It just so happens we’ve got exactly the right dock ladder for you.
The ADL-A4W Four-Step Aluminum Marine-Grade Dock Ladder is an extra-wide and doubly-sturdy dock attachment that will last you for years after your purchase.  This four-step ladder offers stable access getting into, and out of, your boat or straight from the water.  If you’ve ever used standard ladders from other manufacturers, you know that they can be unstable and very hard to navigate.  Usually, they’re too small and there’s never enough room for your feet and hands.  This ladder has a 20” wide step from side to side and a 4” deep step that give extra stability and comfort in movement.  Each step is rounded for more secure support.
Don’t forget that the materials your ladder is made of, matter.  It’s important that construction matches environment.  Your ladder is exposed to UV rays, salt, water spray, temperature fluctuation, and many other elements that constantly attack all marine equipment.  We’ve made sure that our ladders last.  Anodized and made of extremely tough 6005 T5 aluminum alloy, this ladder will stay with you for the long-haul.
If you haven’t purchased a quality dock ladder for this season, it’s time to call one of our helpful customer service agents and order one today.  These straight ladders, which are great for seawalls, stationary docks with fluctuating water lines, and many other applications, are available now.


  • Extra strong aluminum alloy with anodized finish
  • Straight, stationary ladder
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • 300-lb. capacity
  • 20" wide ladder, 4" wide steps