AL-A5 Aluminum Five Step Dock Ladder

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Large and in charge, this ladder is the way to go when you want to get down deep into the water. If you spend any time in the water living the nautical life, you know that short and anemically spaced ladders for your dock, deck, or boat make it nearly impossible for anyone outside of a Navy Seal to get in and out of your watercraft. We have solved that problem with the AL-A5 Aluminum Five-Step Pontoon Boat Boarding Ladder.

Boarding from deep water has never been easier with this robust ladder that reaches deep below your deck. While most ladders reach a decent 48” below the water’s surface, this ladder goes the distance with a full 60” extension below the surface. That length, coupled with the five heavy-duty aluminum boarding steps (each 5.5” deep), gives you safe and easy access to the water, your boat, or your dock. We also added tall aluminum hand rails for a comfortable boarding process so you don’t feel like you’re grasping for anything stable to help you climb the ladder.

If you’re worried about having this monstrous climber attached to the side of your boat, hindering your ingress and egress to your dock; don’t. We provide quick-release hardware so that you can quickly and efficiently pop and dock.

With all of this size and heavy-duty construction, this ladder is a must-have for your nautical gear collection. Call one of our Customer Care associates and get yours, today!


  • 5 strong aluminum steps
  • Step depth – 5.25” D 
  • Step width – 18” W
  • Boat ladder extends 60" below your boat deck or dock
  • Tall aluminum hand rails make boarding easier and more comfortable
  • Comes with quick-release ladder mounting hardware
  • 3-year warranty on all boat boarding ladders
  • 300 lb. capacity