AL C4 Four Step Quick Release Folding Aluminum Pontoon Boat Ladder

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Whether it’s a storage space issue, or you just need to get to boating right away, you find yourself in need of a 4-step Quick-Release Folding Aluminum Pontoon Boat Ladder. You can’t just run up to the local big box store and find a quick release pontoon ladder on the shelf. They’re a bit harder to come by than that. Don’t worry. At we’ve got you covered.

Our aluminum boarding ladder is easy to use and easy to store. The included hardware, which has our proprietary quick-release system, can be placed easily on the side of your pontoon. Unlike some installations, this ladder needs to be supported against your pontoon tubes when mounted. Once in place, you can quickly mount and remove your ladder for convenient storage and use. While a pontoon is one of the larger recreational craft on the water, you still need every inch of space to be properly utilized on your party barge. One inconveniently stored ladder could mean one less cooler on your boat!

This ladder isn’t just convenient. It is highly durable and aesthetically pleasing as well. Aside from looks, this ladder has it where it counts.  The boarding tool supports up to 300 lbs. because it’s made of heavy-duty square tubing sized larger than many comparable ladders on the market. It’s built to look better, and last longer.

If you want a quick and convenient ladder solution for your pontoon that will last nearly the life of your boat, call one of our helpful customer service agents, today!  


  • Steps spaced 11"
  • Boat ladders extends 37" under deck
  • Each boat ladder step is 12" W x 2 1/2" D
  • Weights about 10lbs
  • Ladder designed to quickly be removed before getting underway
  • Ladder mounting hardware is included
  • Easy to install
  • Ladder supports up to 300lbs.