RecPro® Marine Products 4 STEP 304SS UNIVERSAL REAR ENTRY LADDER (25mm Gap)

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When the top lines in the industry are consistently using certain products, you want to pay attention. If they’re using an item across the board, it tells you that there’s merit there. That’s the case with the heavy-duty SSL-UFSL Stainless-Steel OEM Dock and Pontoon Ladder. Giants in the pontoon world like South Bay, Smokercraft, Berkshire, Crest, and Sylvan call this ladder their first choice for getting in and out of their boats, and so should you.

The SSL-UFSL is made of rugged 316 stainless steel. We’ve chosen this steel because it is the most desired metal to use in marine environments due to its proven resistance to pitting corrosion that other grades of steel can’t match. The metal construction, combined with the extremely durable anodized finish, allows this ladder to withstand the elements, and tons of use, while maintaining its look and structural integrity.

What’s up dock? These rungs, buddy! With one move they can be collapsed and stored conveniently out of the way until ready for use! This ladder will make a great addition to your pontoon boat or dock because of the ease of use and storage capability.

If you’re worried about the strength of telescoping ladders, as they may not seem as sturdy as a fixed-position ladder, you don’t have to worry with this version from RecPro, or any of our ladders, for that matter. Its 250-lb. capacity is one of many reasons that the most popular cruiser crafts on the market call this ladder #1!  When you’re ready to step up your ladder game to the same level that the pros use, contact us and speak to one of our friendly customer service agents, today!



  • Telescoping ladder
  • Easily stored
  • 250 lb. capacity
  • 316 Stainless Steel