SSL-E4W Stainless Steel Under Transom/Boat Platform Ladder (13.5" Wide Steps)

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Some ladders are built for the water and all of its eventualities.  Others are not.  If you're looking for a ladder that will give you the best of all worlds then look no further than the SSL-E4W.  This ladder is perfect for your dock or your pontoon to get in and out of the water during your days of fun in the sun.  These ladders are made to to attach under your transom or underneath your dock so they're out of sight until it's ready for use.  Once you need it you only need lift it out of the locking hooks and fully extend it beneath the water.  You'll find it comfortable and sturdy as you climb aboard or jump in the water.  Make sure and extend your holiday fun with this telescoping ladder from RecPro.



  • 316 Stainless Steel ladder for under transom or boat platform
  • Heavy duty design
  • Comfortable double wide boarding steps
  • Automatic lock with spring release
  • Mounting frame measures 15 5/8" Wide by 18" Long
  • Ladder is 45" Long from under the platform to 4th. step
  • First Rung is 13 1/2" Wide
  • 3-year warranty on all boat boarding ladders
  • Weight capacity - 250 lbs.