RV Bathtub 40" x 24"

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One of the constant challenges in the RV world is how to take the conveniences from your brick-and-mortar home and place them in your recreational vehicle.

  Weight, area, and size issues all plague the aftermarket industry and OEMs alike.  This is especially accurate with more substantial items like furniture, bedroom, and lavatory implements.  Considering how small your RV entry doors are, can you imagine fitting a bathtub in your rig?  Well, now you can with RecPro.

Some RVers want to take time getting cleaned up without worrying about water and energy conservation.  That’s why we offer an incredibly strong answer to your problem.  Our new bathtub system will not only fit in your RV, it will meet your lavatory time needs as well.

First and foremost, this tub is sturdy!  It’s not just resistant to most household and commercial otc cleaners, but it is also constructed so that it resists damage related to multiple uses by an average-sized adult.

  A ribbed under-body, style lines, and rigid polymer composition make this tub strong enough to flex under your weight, but hold strong while in-use.  The walls are also resistant to cracking, marring, scratching, scraping, gouging, and discoloration.  This tub is built to last.

While it is not going to be as large as your tub at home, it is an excellent alternative to a quick shower with diminished water pressure.  Plus, you can easily fit this into your RV through your door without taking out a window or going to some other extreme.

  The designers also made sure to step outside of the standard RV engineering box (when it comes to tubs) and centrally located the tub’s drain.  This way you won’t need to find right and left specific under-mount hardware.  Its location and mold-in drain make for an easy, and leak-free, hookup.


  • Dimensions – 40” L
  • Dimensions – 24” W
  • Dimensions – 13 5/8” O.H. (overall height)
  • Dimensions – 4” D (style lines)
  • Dimensions – 2” H (drain)
  • 1.5" diameter (drain) 
  • Dimensions – 1 1/2" D (lip/edge/ridge/rim)
  • Style lines for increased structural integrity
  • Colors – White and Parchment
  • Molded-in drain to prevent leaks
  • Centrally located drain
  • Made of chemical-resistant polymers
  • Molded-in drain threads for leak prevention and added strength
  • Support ribs on the underside of tub increase strength exponentially
  • Lightweight