WFCO Artis RV Water Pump Filter

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WFCO Artis RV Water Pump Filter with Threaded End

Keep your water fresh with the universal WFCO RV Water Pump Filter. This filter can work with any water pump that has 1/2" male pipe threads for it's input. This filter prevents debris, unwanted particles, and other damage causing elements out of your water.

Also expand the life of your water pump with the WFCO filter. It's important to clean out your filter if you're noticing more sound that normal or weaker water flow. Filter has a 30 mesh stainless steel screen. The filter also features a unique "o-ring" that provides a tight seal to your water pump.


  • Universal - works with any water pump with a 1/2" threaded input
  • 1/2" male pipe threads on input side
  • 1/2" female pipe threads on output side
  • Keep out debris and other unwanted particles
  • 30 mesh stainless steel screen
  • O-ring design for tight seal
  • Model number:ARTISSTR01T