RV Flair-It 1/2" Compression Elbow

SKU: RP-06800
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In the long lost days of RV manufacturing, brass used to be a common material to built pipes and fittings out of for the plumbing system. When the manufacturers changed this to PEX and gray "Quest" tubing, plastic insert fittings, and copper crimp rings, they solved the problem of flexibility.

In doing so, however, they added the problem of cracking fittings, improperly-fitting crimp rings, and leaks, not to mention the fact that RV owners needed the proper tools to clamp the crimp rings themselves. To this whole set of problems, we introduce a solution: Flair-it fittings.


Flair-it fittings were created with the intent of producing a fitting able to withstand the life of an RV plumbing system without having those frustrating effects of leaking and cracking. Being a tighten-to-compress pipe fitting, they do not use crimp rings or tools, but rather have a flared end and a screw cap to go over that flared end.

Creating the best seal in the market today, they are resistant to cracking, rust, and leaks. In addition, they are not specific to either the PEX tubing or gray "quest" tubing. They can fit with both and have seals of equal quality. Because they don't use a crimp ring, they do not require tools.

There is a wrench available if you would like to use it, however. Just make sure that you don't use lubricants to try and help with the installation of these pipe connectors.


This specific fitting is an elbow and is used for making turns within your plumbing system. Both ends of this fitting have the flared end and compression cover. Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today!


  • .5" size
  • Used to change direction of water flow
  • Single, 2 pack, and 5 pack
  • Flair-it fitting
  • Solid plastic construction
  • Durable
  • Rust-resistant
  • Crack-resistant
  • Not tool-based fitting
  • Doesn't need crimpings to attach
  • Works with both PEX tubing and Gray tubing
  • Tighten-to-compress fittings
  • Seal can hold 90 lbs of pressure
  • No plumber's tape needed
  • No leaks
  • Best plumbing connection on the market
  • DO NOT use a lubricant to apply the fitting
  • Wrench available to help with installation
  • Optional hose adapter for use with RecPro Pressurized Hose