RV Flair-It 1/2" Compression to 1/2" Female Adapter

SKU: RP-06841
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You know what's better than a fitting that won't break on you? A fitting that doesn't need five different things to get it to work. Well, fortunately, this fitting fits that bill. Flair-it fittings are a specific type of plumbing fitting that doesn't require tools, a crimp ring, or plumber's tape but create a bond that's the best on the market today. Interested? Well, there's even more.


Once upon a time, RV manufacturers used brass for their pipes and fittings. When they changed to plastic insert fittings, crimp rings, and the PEX and gray tubing, they solved the problems of flexibility and cost-efficiency.

These new kinds of fittings had other problems, though. The plastic would crack, the crimp rings would not hold on like they were supposed to, and the fittings would leak.


With these flair-it fittings, though, you can solve these problems and avoid them in the future. In order to do this, there are a few special qualities about these pipe fittings. First, they don't require a crimp ring or a tool to apply them.

They have a flared end and a screw end to secure the connection. This connection can withstand up to 90 pounds of pressure and don't even need plumber's tape to keep them secure.


We do have a wrench available, though, if you would like to use it to assist in the application. Second, they are tighten-to-compress fittings, which means the plastic won't crack and the connection won't leak. Finally, they work with both the PEX tubing and gray "quest" tubing and create an equal bond for both types of tubing. Just make sure not to use any kind of lubrication on the area for installation.


This specific fitting is used to adapt the flow of water from a male end to tubing. One end has a female adapter and one end is flared with the compression cover. Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today!


  • .5" size
  • Used as an adapter between a male end and tubing
  • Single, 2 pack, and 5 pack
  • Flair-it fitting
  • Solid plastic construction
  • Durable
  • Rust-resistant
  • Crack-resistant
  • Not tool-based fitting
  • Doesn't need crimp rings to attach
  • Works with both PEX tubing and Gray tubing
  • Tighten-to-compress fittings
  • Seal can hold 90 lbs of pressure
  • No plumber's tape needed
  • No leaks
  • Best plumbing connection on the market
  • DO NOT use a lubricant to apply the fitting
  • Wrench available to help with installation
  • Optional hose adapter for use with RecPro Pressurized Hose