RV Horst Miracle Probes | RV Fresh Water Tank Probes | 4 Probes Included

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No one likes false readings. Not pilots, not people who go to psychics, and not RV owners. For RV owners, getting a false reading on your water tanks could mean finding yourself out of water in the middle of your campout or worse...in the middle of a shower.


Having accurate readings on your fresh and gray water tanks is important for having a well-prepared and enjoyable trip, letting you know when you need more water and when you need to empty out your gray water tank. If you're sick of false readings and upset vacations, let us introduce you to our Miracle probes.


Measuring 5/8" in diameter and 2 7/16" long, these probes are for your fresh water and gray water tanks. While most of the probe is covered, the very end of the probe is not covered. This is very important because this uncovered end is what helps keep away false readings.


Basically, for the probes that are covered all over, the tank sloshes around while you're moving and splashes water up to the probe sensors. With the water on the probes, it will say that the rest of the water is up to that height when it is actually much lower.


With the uncovered end, the sensor is much more sensitive towards these events. This way, they will be able to know whether the rest of the water is actually up to that level. Giving you more accurate information, these probes are built for your most important camping preparation item - your water.


Don't leave for your next trip without having an accurate reading for your water level. If you've struggled with inaccurate water level readings in the past, these probes may be the answer you're looking for. Built for gray and fresh water tanks, they're all set to help you have a more prepared and enjoyable vacation experience. Have any questions?


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  • Dimensions: 5/8" diameter x 2 7/16" long
  • For fresh water or gray water tanks
  • Bare end (not coated)
  • Made in USA