SHURflo 255-213 Twist-On Water Strainer 1/2" NPSM Inlet

SKU: 255-213
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When you're out on your camping trip and taking a shower, the one thing you absolutely need is for that shower not to stop on you. In the same way, you don't want your sink faucet or your other water fixtures to stop working. To prevent this from happening, checking up on your water system is something that is done before every trip, from filling up the tanks to making sure the pump is working well.

There is a little piece of the puzzle, though, that is just as important as these larger parts: the pump strainer. The RV water pump strainer extends the life of your water pump by filtering out any dirt and debris in the water that could hurt the pump.

If your old strainer isn't working well or you're not sure if you even have one or not, then it's time to upgrade to a better model. Check out our SHURflo water pump strainer to make the switch.

The SHURflo 255-213 water pump strainer can help eliminate unneeded repairs by filtering out unwanted particles and debris from your water pump. This strainer has a transparent design which makes it easy to know when it's time to clean out the bowl of the strainer.

Assembly is fast and easy; simply unscrew to release and clean it and reassemble it to place it back onto your water pump. Water pump strainers are also important for prolonging the life of your water pump by preventing wear and tear. If maintained well, this strainer can last up to 10 years before needing to replace it.

A defective strainer is one of the main reasons why a water pump fails. To make sure this doesn't happen to you, stop on by and get a high-quality RV water pump strainer and make the switch! Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today!


  • Inlet: 1/2" NPSM Male
  • Outlet: 1/2" NPSM Female
  • Mesh stainless steel screen
  • Transparent filter bowl
  • Keeps dirt and debris out of pump
  • Prolongs water pump life
  • Easy to install and clean