RV Holding Tank Treatment and Deodorizer

SKU: RP-20063-CS
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chrome_TM3mZXZG3M.pngOne of the prevailing issues with holding tanks (aside from leaks and their prevention) is odor. If you've spent any amount of time in your RV you know that one of the most unpleasant realities of life on the road is your black water tank and its contents.


If you've set foot on the flushing pedal of an untreated tank, you understand that ventilation, even with a fan the size of a suitcase, won't help. At RecPro we have found the product that will help ease your holding tank woes.


Easy to use and powerfully strong, the Travel Jon Blue Max Holding Tank Deodorizer and Cleaner Toss-In is the tool that will be the solution to                                                                                  your scent-filled situation.


This biodegradable and non-formaldehyde containing powder contains a great deal of odor destroying power in a small space. The (10) 2 oz. water-soluble packets are all you need to keep a 40-gallon tank in good-smelling odor order for a week at a time. At ten packets to a bag, that's over two months of stink-free living.


chrome_HAFgyOYI2w.pngTravel Jon thought of everything when they created this product. Blue Max cleans and deodorizes your tank. Did you know it also helps to break down solids? Yes! While keeping your rig not smelling like death's old gym socks, this deodorizing and cleaning agent will inhibit the growth of "tank cake".


These packets aren't just for your RV. You can feel safe using them in your septic and municipal water systems, too. A lot of product for a low price, you can't live without Blue Max from RecPro. If you try, you're going to be telling yourself, "We're going to need a bigger fan."




  • Powerful effervescent cleaning action
  • Maximum power product: one tab = one week of deodorizing effect per 40 gal. tank
  • Maximum deodorizing power
  • Cross-functional for system application
  • Big power in a compact container
  • 2 oz. water soluble packets
  • 10 packets per pouch
  • Non-formaldehyde composition
  • Biodegradable
  • Easy drop-in use