RV Single Tank 15' Wire Extension for Adhesive Sensors

SKU: RP-WH8401-1-15
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RV Single Tank 15' Wire Extension for Adhesive Sensors 

When you set up your tank’s electrical system, you don’t want to have to work around super short lengths of wire. Trying to maneuver your tank so that the wire can stretch to it without straining is not something most people want to do. To free you of this struggle and enable you to place your tank in a more comfortable position, we now offer single tank wire extensions for the adhesive sensors, exclusively from RecPro.

With the sensors, you can have accurate tank readings, but in order for you to have those readings show up on your control panel, you need to wire the two up. This wire extension is just the tool to do that. 15 feet in length, it's made from quality materials and is built to last through the life of your tank and sensors.


  • Wire extension for adhesive sensors
  • Length: 15 feet
  • Single tank
  • Multicolor cords
  • Durable, high-quality materials