3/4" Hex Cordless Drill Attachment for Scissor Jacks

SKU: RP-955002-2
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Imagine it: You’ve spent the entire day driving across the state of Montana. You’ve put 10 hours underneath your wheels and yet, you’re still in Montana. It’s a beautiful state, no doubt, but you’re tired and want nothing more to do with the road. You hit the campground and realize, you still have to drop your stabilizers and it is already past midnight. Sounds like you could use some help. Don’t worry, we have a solid solution for your recreational vehicle vexation. That’s what we do. We’re RecPro and we’re your RV solutions center.

When you want to save time, labor, and you need a quick, strong, and easy solution to your load-in/load-out problem at the campground, you need look no further than the 3/4" Hex Cordless Drill Attachment for RecPro's Scissor Jacks. This attachment (when used properly with a hand-held drill) will make quick work of lowering (or raising) your corner leveling jacks attached to your RV. Without this quick and easy work solution, you could find yourself cranking your unit into place, when you could be sleeping, instead. The value is immeasurable when you consider the time, and back-breaking work, you’ll save with this simple addition to your RV inventory.

If this quick solution sounds like it’s right for you (and if you’re stuck lowering your levelers at midnight in Montana without one, you’ll know it was) then call our Customer Care Department and order yours, today!


  • ¾” Hexagonal drive head
  • 5.25” Overall length
  • Works with high-torque corded or cordless drills
  • Time-saving attachment
  • Coated
  • Durable solid steel construction
  • Hand-welded construction