2" Trailer Hitch Step Black Diamond Plate

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Do you have trouble when trying to reach into the bed of your truck or the cargo area of your vehicle? Are you sick and tired of needing to step on the wheel of your truck or the frame of your trailer to access these areas of your vehicle?

Having to deal with that kind of situation over and over again can be super annoying, but thankfully RecPro can provide you with a solution: our 2" Receiver Hitch Step!

It seems like such a simple and obvious solution. If you are having trouble getting to your cargo area or truck bed, add a step on the hitch! The problem with most hitch steps is that they prevent you from using your vehicles' hitch for anything else. However, our RecPro 2" Receiver Hitch Step does not have that issue!


Our receiver hitch step not only acts as a step but as an extension for the hitch of your vehicle! It is compatible with 2" hitches and measures a total 18" long by 2 ¾" high by 2 ¾" wide (14" wide when including the step). The end of the hitch step just below the step functions just like your vehicle's hitch, allowing you to continue using your hitch with the step simultaneously attached. This also provides your trailer with extra clearance for easier maneuverability. It should be noted that using a hitch extension will reduce the weight capacity of your hitch by one-third.

The main feature of this wonderful product from RecPro is, of course, the step. The step measures 7 ½" long by 14" wide by 1" high. It gives you plenty of surface area for you to step on and maneuver around with when you are trying to reach into the bed of your truck or the cargo area of your vehicle. The top of the step is given thin oval embossments, which help give your shoes extra traction and grip when climbing on top of the step. Thanks to this step, you will not need to struggle to reach in and out of the rear of your vehicle.

This awesome hitch step extension is designed and built with heavy-duty steel. This robust steel construction gives the hitch step a ton of strength to hold and haul heavy weights. This strong steel construction also provides this product with much durability, giving you a long lifetime of reliable use. The whole thing is given a black powder coating that looks great. This black powder coating also functions as a guard, helping the steel material resist rust, corrosion, and other effects from the harsh outdoor elements.

Make your life on the road a bit easier with the help of RecPro and our fabulous 2" Receiver Hitch Step! Get one for your vehicle by using our website or giving our helpful Customer Care Team a call! If you have any questions or concerns about our 2" Receiver Hitch Step, you can reach out to us online or over the phone!



  • Heavy-Duty steel construction
  • Black powder coat helps resist rust and corrosion
  • Fits 2" hitches
  • Extends the length of your hitch
  • Extra clearance for your trailer
  • Allows you to use a step while still being able to use your hitch
  • Makes it easier to reach/climb in or out of your truck bed
  • Shank: 18" L x 2 ¾" H x 2 ¾" W
  • Step: 7 ½" L x 14" W x 1" H

***Using a hitch extension reduces your hitches weight capacity by one third***