iRV 62 RV Speaker | Universal Stereo Speaker

Réf.: RP-1213
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detailWhen you're rolling down the back roads or cruising across the highways and freeways, you need some music to listen to.


Whether you've got your DCs and tapes, want to listen to the radio, or you have your music uploaded to a device, music is one of the best ways to pass the time while driving.


With our selection of RV stereos on our site, you can get your music up and ready for the big trip. And to help transmit that music, we've got speakers as well.


This RV speaker measures 8 1/4"W x 4 3/8" H x 2 1/4"D and requires a 6 5/8"W x 3 7/8"H installation area. Coming in the color Black, it's sleek and attractive, fitting in with any RV layout and design scheme. The installation is recessed so that the speaker sits flush with the console or installation surface.


For a great speaker for your RV that allows you to listen to the music to help the trip go by faster, check out this 4" RV Speaker. Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today!




  • RV Speaker
  • Dimensions: 8 1/4"W x 4 3/8" H x 2 1/4"D
  • Installation hole: 6 5/8"W x 3 7/8"H
  • Color: Black
  • Recessed installation
  • Sleek finish
  • Attractive appearance

*Please ensure nothing metal is near the back of stereo when installing due to magnetic properties