RV 50 Amp Circuit Analyzer Tester Plug

Réf.: RP-2266-50A
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lights onThere are a number of things that can turn a fun camping trip into an unpleasant headache.

A faulty power source is one of them! Before you get too comfortable at your new campsite, test all the power sources to ensure they're working properly!


A faulty power pedestal can turn a fun camping trip into a nightmare. With the RecPro 50 Amp RV Circuit Tester, you can be sure that your power is running smoothly before settling in.


Connecting your rig to the wrong power source may have severe consequences. You can use the RecPro 50 Amp RV Circuit Tester to ensure that the power pedestal or power source you want to connect your RV to is properly connected and operational.


The easy-to-use RecPro RV Circuit Tester is perfect for testing power sources with a 14-50P plug or receptacle type. Its LED lights quickly and accurately show you the status of the power source, so all you have to do is plug it in.


You can easily store this circuit tester in any drawer of your RV or camper or even the glovebox of your car. Additionally, its anti-slip grip is perfect for anyone who may have issues with their joints.


plugA circuit tester like the RecPro 14-50P 50A 125V/250V Circuit Tester can be a useful tool for ensuring that your RV, camper, or trailer is safe and secure. Before you connect your vehicle to the power source you intend to use, double-check that it's properly connected and operating smoothly. Order yours from our simple and convenient website, or give our Customer Care Team a call today.







  • 14-50P plug/receptacle type
  • Verifies if a power source is wired correctly
  • Anti-slip grip
  • 50A, 125V/250V
  • Portable
  • Plug and use
  • Easy to read LED lights
  • Conforms to UL STD. NO. 498 and UL 61010-1